Partner details

The partnership was established to the network of contacts of the coordinator and then from the other partner contacts. The selection of the partners took into account the input and the added value that each could give to the project and the partners are different both in terms of type and knowledge


Long-experienced in EU project – it is the ideal subject for the creation of innovative products because since 1998 it has realized more than 230 European projects gaining a great experience in different fields e.g. communication, comics, picture books, interactive games, multimedia CD, Web animation, short films and cartoons. The project coordinator is bringing the experience coming from the involvement in a large number of EU projects (Youth, Media, LdV, Grundtvig) and the knowledge acquired as learner and transmitted as trainer about VET, Open Space Technology, International Marketing, Creative Problem Solving, EU project management, professional Budgetary Control, Quality control and management, Economy, Collaborative Consumption, Creative Commons, Gamification of Learning, Exploitation and Dissemination strategies and methodologies. The experience the staff gained by is important in terms of content for the MOOC and materials but also in managing a group coming from different cultures and background.

P. Franco
Project Coordinator
G. Lagrotta
A. Imbesi
Managing Director

UNIVERSITY OF WOLVERHAMPTON has a lot of experience both in working with SMEs and in creating good practice case studies in EU projects. The previous experiences are relevant and could bring to the project: methodologies of research, content for basic and advanced start-up modules in the envisaged MOOC, creation of interactive games in Flash. UoW has a great dea Iof experience in organizing workshops for European participants – e.g. UoW has hosted Grundtvig learner workshops for a number of years, as well as running Grundtvig and Comenius ln-Service Training courses in a range of topics. UoW focuses heavily on employability, which makes it an ideai host for the 7-day Joint Staff training Event. As well as benefitting from the training experience of the Language Networks for Excellence department, participants will be able to visit other relevant sections of the University such as the Business Solutions and lnnovation 1st departments. As the University offers start-up support to students and graduates who wish to set up their own company, this experience can also be shared with the participants.

A. Molinari
Vice Principal IA
R. Henley

TR Associates has never been previously involved in a similar project but the experience in ICT is essential for the innovation and mainly in the MOOC implementation and ICT module The staff assigned is long-experienced at international level and also well-prepared about the digitai storytelling and gamification of learning.

T. Kallai
Managing Director
R. Borg
Development Manager
J. Woods
Creative Director

Entrepreneurship is one of the main activities EA Business Academy Southwest is involved in, in co-operation with both Danish and other EU partners. lt has a close co-operation with different business development centres, business and vocational schools and municipalities in the field of entrepreneurship. lt has been involved in different entrepreneurship projects, where the main results have been the development of new and innovative entrepreneurship courses and curricula – one of these projects is about an e-learning platform for young entrepreneurs. lt has many years of experience in working with career guidance and competence assessment and development and can therefore contribute to the project with highly qualitative professional input. lt has also vast experience in coordinating and working in EU projects.

B. Thomsen
Innovation Development
F. P. Knudsen
Project Leader

ASNOR has never been previously involved in a similar project but it is the ltalian National Association of Vocational Counsellors – the only National Body that deals Orientation accredited by the ltalian Ministry of Education ,University and Research for the training of school personnel – there is an evident impact in terms of dissemination, exploitation and involvement of a very large number of stakeholders both public and private. The contribution ASNOR is bringing is essential in terms of recognition and validation of knowledge, skills and competences acquired through VET, creating a a profile of “EUROPEAN START-UP ADVISERS” formalised and recognised in a Memorandum of Understanding at ltalian national level first and then enlarged to EU.

F. Vasco
R. Cacciapaglia
IT Technician
A. Pontrandolfo
Marketing Manager

ADESEMA has the goal to promote the entrepreneurship within the sector of services to companies and diverse activities, so its participation in the project will make possible the sustainability of the project and its products and results.

lt counts with a wide network of members (enterprises) students being part of their training plans, and with other stakeholders and training companies providing services for entrepreneurship.

lt also has experience in the EU projects related with entrepreneurship. lt is coordinating a KA4 project about entrepreneurship, helpful also for the dissemination of this project.

C. L. Sánchez
M. B. Garvi