Privacy and cookies

How does the Vet4StartUp use cookies?

Vet4StartUp uses cookies to store information about visitors preferences, and the pages you visit, and to personalize the content of the web page based on the browser type and other information depending on the fact that this browser sends.

  1. Cookies Facebook. This site has some plugins that Facebook can track the behavior of readers.
  2. Twitter. This social network will be able to treat your personal information to allow navigation experience enriched with features and services.
  3. Google+. Through the script plusone.js will process personal data in accordance with these guidelines.

The site has no control over the cookies that are used by third parties to explore the theme then you should consult the privacy policies of these third parties as well as options to disable the collection of this information. However, you can disable cookies directly from your browser. The site does not use cookies profiling own but queli featured are solely controlled by third parties such as Google, Facebook or Twitter.

We inform the user that this site uses the free Google Analytics. Recall that the data is used only for the data of the most visited pages, the number of visitors, the aggregate data of visits to the operating system, browser, etc. The IP Analytics were anonymous. These parameters are stored in the Google servers on which their privacy in accordance with these guidelines. A user can disable Google Analytics while browsing using the add-on-component available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

It may also:

  • delete cookies individually for each domain,
  • hide the research,
  • set the settings of the Google ads.

Navigation without the use of cookies and technical profiling is possible by what is called Incognito and that is feasible with all major browsers.

  • More information on disabling cookies on Firefox.
  • More information on disabling cookies on Chrome.
  • More information on disabling cookies on Internet Explorer.
  • More information on disabling cookies on Safari.
  • More information on disabling cookies on Opera.